MAT 210: Brief Calculus

Differential and integral calculus of elementary functions with applications. Not open to students with credit in MAT 260 or 270 or 290. Fee (online only).

Enroll requirements: Prerequisite(s) - MAT 117, 119, 170, or 171 with C or better, or Mathematics Placement Test with a score of 56% or higher, or ALEKS score of 61 or higher; Credit is allowed for only MAT 210 or MAT 251

ASU Catalog - MAT 210

Sample Syllabus Spring 2019 (this may not be the syllabus used by your instructor, but gives students an idea of the course content and expectations). Example Syllabus for ASU Online and iCourse sections

Course Objectives

Students enrolled in this course have access to video lectures in Blackboard that cover the content of the entire course.

Exam Review Problems

MAT 210 Exam 1 Review MAT 210 Exam 1 Review Answers
MAT 210 Exam 2 Review MAT 210 Exam 2 Review Answers
MAT 210 Exam 3 Review MAT 210 Exam 3 Review Answers
MAT 210 Final Combined Review MAT 210 Final Combined Review Answers

Course Coordinators: 

Traditional - Sara Jamous, Jennifer Boney
Hybrid - Jay Abramson
Online - Chandrani Banerjee