Math Community Center

The Math Community Center (MC2), fosters collaboration and peer mentoring, as well as providing structured course assistance from graduate-student tutors.

Fall 2022
The MC^2 will be open for the fall semester starting Tuesday, September 6.

In Person Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:30am-5pm
Friday 9:30am-4pm

Math Community Center (MC2) - WXLR A303

Tutoring available for these courses:
MAT 243, MAT 251, MAT265, MAT266, MAT267, MAT270, MAT271, MAT272, MAT 275, MAT 300, MAT 342, MAT 343, MAT 370, MAT 371 and many upper division MAT classes, as well as STP 226, STP 231, several upper division STP classes, and DAT courses.

Fall 2022 schedule of faculty and graduate student tutors.

The MC2 is far more than a tutoring center: It is a space where students, graduates, and teachers alike get together and create a culture centered around not only math, but around the desire to genuinely help one another.” 

                        - Nathan Young, MC^2 Staff

Math Tutor Center - WXLR 116
Tutoring available for these courses::
MAT117, MAT142, MAT170, MAT210, MAT211, MAT242, MAT243, MAT251, MAT265, MAT266, MAT267, MAT270, MAT271, MAT272, MAT274, MAT275, MTE180, MTE181, STP220, STP226, STP231
Additional information and locations are available on Math Tutor Center webpage.

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