MAT 194: Enhanced Freshman Mathematics

EFFECTIVE FALL 2012 - this course was renumbered as MAT 110.

This course meets the same requirements as MAT 106 and can be used as a prerequisite course for MAT 117 or MAT 142. It does not satisfy the prerequisites for MAT 170. The majority of instruction will be online using KNEWTON, a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. The cost of KNEWTON per semester is $100.

Seats in this class have been reserved for students whose MPT/AMPT Math Placement scores are below 30 (or MPT/AMPT scores 30-39 for majors that do not require MAT 142; visit or contact your advisor for more information).

ASU Catalog - MAT 194

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ENROLLING IN MAT 142 or 117 NEXT SEMESTER: A passing grade in MAT 194 MUST be posted before you can enroll in your next level math class.