SoMSS Presentation Template

Presentation Template using Latex Beamer

The following LaTeX file is a Sample Presentation Template that could be used by students to create their own presentations.

This Latex file should be compiled with pdflatex, for this reason, it is recommended that you convert the figures in your presentation to pdf. Postscript files (.ps and .eps) will not compile properly when pdflatex is used. You may use commands like "convert" or "eps2pdf" (in linux) to convert your figures.

Click here (tar.gz) or (zip) to download a Sample TeX File and its associated files.

The final output is a PDF file that is best visualized with Adobe Reader.

Download the Sample PDF File:  math_asu_beamer_example.pdf

More information can be found in the Beamer user guide:  beameruserguide.pdf