How to install LaTeX on Macintosh/Windows platforms

Installation on Macintosh

  1. Download the MacTex Package(MacTex.pkg) from CTAN.
  2. Once the download is finished, load the disk image (if it doesn't happen automatically)
  3. Run the installer (MacTeXxxx.pkg) contained in it. 
  4. The package includes programs such as TeXShop which enables you to create full LaTeX documents.

Installation on Windows

First of all, be aware that LaTeX is available for free distributed with Linux distributions. Use this nice Latex Editor "kile" to tex your program. You can try it on any of the School's public Linux machines. But if you still want to use LaTeX from WINDOWS, here it goes...You can find a detailed tutorial on installing Latex at this link. For a quick install the following EASY way works.
  • Let's assume that GhostView is already installed on your PC.
  • Please download LateX and Winedt:
  • Download "Basic MiKTeX 2.x" Installer

Installation Part

Install MiKTeX with the help of this MiKTeX Setup Wizard:
  1. Make sure that no MiKTeX application is running.
  2. Start the installation by double clicking the downloaded file. 
    A dialog box opens up as shown below. Accept to conditions and click on Next.
  3. Select the option "Anyone who uses this computer" and click on Next
  4. Specify the installation directory and click on Next
  5. Select the preferred paper option to "A4" and Install missing packages on-the-fly option to "Ask me first"Click Next> to go to the next page.
  6. Review your settings displayed now and click on Next
  7. Now the installation startsPlease wait until it progresses completely
  8. Once it completes the execution, the Next button gets highlighted. Now click on Next
  9. The installation process is over and now you can click close to end the wizard.

Installation Lyx

  1. Download Lyx setup from
  2. Start the installation by double clicking the downloaded file. 
    A dialog box opens up as shown below. 

      3. Click the "I Agree" button.


     4. Select the option "Install for anyone using this computer" and click on Next.


     5. Choose the installation location.

      6. Choose the features you want for Lyx.


      7. Select a shortcut folder and click on next.

      8. Set the path to your latex.exe file and click on install.