How to install SSL VPN on Linux

What is an SSL VPN ?

An SSL VPN stands for Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network. SSL VPN allows the users to remotely access the restricted network resources via a secure and authenticated pathway. It give the appearance to the user that the user is connected to a local network irrespective of his/her geographical location.

How to download SSL VPN for Linux ?

ASU offers SSL VPN to all of its users. A user can download SSL VPN from

  1. Look for CISCO AnyConnect SSLVPN.

  2. click on "download app now".

  3. open a terminal window
  4. type:  chmod 755  anyconnect-linux64<version>.sh
  5. sudo ./anyconnect-linux64<version>.sh
  6. that's it
  1. How to use SSL VPN ?

  1. Search for "cisco vpn" on your machine.

  2. Enter the connect to server address as "" and click on connect. (This step you do only once!)

  3. Provide the ASURITE iD and Password and click on connect again.

You are now successfully connected to the ASU network. Open the terminal and you can access the network resources.