What is WeBWork?


WeBWorK is an open-source online homework system for math and science courses. WeBWorK is supported by the MAA and the NSF and comes with a National Problem Library (NPL) of over 20,000 homework problems. Problems in the NPL target most lower division undergraduate math courses and some advanced courses. Supported courses include college algebra, discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, single and multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and complex analysis.

WeBWorK is used successfully at over 700 colleges and universities from large research institutions to small teaching colleges. WeBWorK has been developed and maintained by mathematicians since 1994 always with the goal of providing the mathematical community with the most robust, flexible, and mathematically capable online homework system possible.

WeBWorK is open-source and freely available for download. There is no cost to departments or institutions who wish to host their own WeBWorK server, and the WeBWorK community has always provided prompt technical and pedagogical support through active and friendly discussion forums and mailing lists.

Additionally, the MAA will host WeBWorK courses on a limited basis for departments or institutions who are not in a position to host their own WeBWorK installation.

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Video Tutorials for WeBWork

Video 1: Import assignments and export the sets

Explains how to import homework sets into a WeBWorK course, how to assign the sets to the students and how to export the sets.

Video 2: Change due dates, add  and drop students

Explains how to add students, change due dates for individual students and drop students."

Video 3: Creating tests in WeBWork

Explains how to create a test using problems from the Open Problem Library, how to choose the correct settings for the test and how to assign it to the students. Possible pitfalls to avoid are also covered.

Video 4: Monitor student progress

Shows the test from the students’ prospective and shows how the instructor can monitor the students’ progress and check their activity.

Video 5: Test special cases

Explains how to handle special accommodations and what the instructor can do if the student is disconnected.

Video 6: Reduced Scoring

The Reduced Scoring feature in WeBWork allows to set a period after the due date and before the close date during which all additional work done by the student counts at a reduced rate. This feature can be effective in eliminating student requests for time extensions. This video explains how to enable and configure the Reduced Scoring feature.

Video 7: Show me Another

The show me Another feature allows students to see an alternative version of their assigned problem. This video shows how to enable the feature and gives best practice suggestions.

How to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for WeBWorK tests