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How to install SSL VPN on Windows/Mac

What is an SSL VPN ?

An SSL VPN stands for Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network. SSL VPN allows the users to remotely access the restricted network resources via a secure and authenticated pathway. It give the appearance to the user that the user is connected to a local network irrespective of his/her geographical location.

How to download SSL VPN for Linux ?

ASU offers SSL VPN to all of its users. A user can download SSL VPN from myapps.asu.edu.

  1. Look for CISCO AnyConnect SSLVPN.
  2. Click on "download app now".
  3. Select windows if you are a windows user or mac if you are a mac user.
  4. Install the downloaded software.

How to use SSL VPN ?

1. Open the “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”. Give the vpn server address as “sslvpn.asu.edu/2fa” and click on connect.
2. Then use your ASURITE User ID and Password, click on OK you will be connected to VPN.