LaTeX Resources and Examples

 The following are some useful resources and examples for Latex.

Latex Document

LaTex Editors

LaTex Documentation 

LaTex Archive

  • CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network)

LaTex Templates

  • Template files use style files which may not be in your LaTeX default installation. In this case you will need to search and download them from the CTAN website.
  • Make sure the picture files have the proper extension (.eps) when you download them.


Test 1      (requires triangle figure

Test 2      (requires contour figure and FYM2.sty)

Example   (requires figure1.eps)

Final 1

Final 2

Final 3

Final 4 (uses FYM.sty and sine.eps, boat.eps) (also uses array.sty, multicol.sty, graphicx.sty, curves.sty, epic.sty)

Resulting PostScriptPDF files.

LaTeX workshop examples

LaTeX workshop 2017


Lecture (requires master file)

Another Lecture (uses colordvi.styshading.stycurves.styepic.sty)

Resulting PostScriptPDF files.