Configuring Outlook 365

ASUEmail Exchange Service is moving to the Cloud.  All faculty, staff and student worker Exchange mailboxes from the Exchange servers on campus (On-Prem) will be moved to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange (O365) services in the cloud. Click here for more information on the migration. The following is a short tutorial that shows how to configure the new O365 for various devices as well as a video depicting how to set up email forwarding in O365.

Windows 10 outlook mail app: -

  1. Username: Your Name
  2. Email: - <ASURITE>
  3. Password - regular ASURITE password
  4. Do not select Manual server setting.

 In case of manual setting

  1. Domain: asurite
  2. Server:

Outlook webapp:-

  1. URL:
  2. Username: ASURITE User ID
  3. Password:  regular ASURITE password
  4. Select Faculty/Staff
  5. Click Login

Android Phone Outlook App(recommended):-

  1. Email: <ASUSURITE>
  2. Login Window pops up
  3. Username: ASURITE User ID
  4. Password:  regular ASURITE password
  5. Select Faculty/Staff
  6. Click Login
  7. Your Phone must be encrypted and have 4 digit PIN according to ASU security guidelines. Outlook app will suggest you to do the same when you login.

Android Phone Mail App:-

  1. Go to Mail App -> Settings -> Add account
  2. Choose Exchange
  3. Enter email: <ASURITE>
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter password: regular ASURITE password
  6. Click Next and Ok on Popup and then Click Next again
  7. Click Ok on Pop up.
  8. Select Account options as required and click Next.
  9.  Security Requirements: Please read carefully all security requirements before you agree to them. If you press cancel you will not be able to view your messages.
  10. Enter the send email.
  11. Click Next. Your email is setup.

Setting up a new Outlook 2016 account in /not in ASU network/ Cisco :-

  1. Name: Your name
  2. Email: <ASURITE>
  3. Password: regular ASURITE password
  4.  When the login windows pops up
  5. Click show other options and select add new account
  6. Enter credentials as: <ASURITE> and your asurite password

Outlook 2016: -

  1. If already configured, it'll show a login popup then change the username to :<ASURITE>
  2. Same password
  3. Remember my credentials
  4. Login 

Outlook 365 for MAC:-

  1. Open mail app
  2. Click Mail in the Menu bar (in the top left corner)
  3. Select Add Account…
  4. Select Exchange from the options shown
  5. Add these settings :-
  6. Name: Your Name
  7. email : <ASURITE>
  8. password : your ASURITE password
  9. Click Sign In
  10. This won’t go through. It will show you a 4th option
  11. username : <ASURITE>
  12. Click Sign in again 
  13. Select the services you want to sync
  14. Done and done and you got your new O365 in your system

Outlook 365 for iPhone/iPad:-

  1. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Exchange
  2. Fill the following fields:
  3. Email: <ASURITE>
  4. Password: your ASURITE password
  5. Description: The name you want to give for this mailbox
  6. Click Next and fill the following fields:
  7. Email: <ASURITE>
  8. Server:
  9. Domain: ASURITE
  10. Username: <ASURITE>
  11. Password: your ASURITE password
  12. Description: The name you want to give for this mailbox
  13. Clicking next should ask you to select the things you want to sync.

Email Forwarding from O365:

Watch video below: