Undergraduate Research Projects

Year Name Title Mentor
2018 Brentlee Cass Statistical Properties of Coherent Structures in Two Dimensional Turbulence Wenbo Tang
2018 Rebecca Freed, Morgan Snopko

Volume Distributions of Metastatic Brain Tumors

Eric Kostelich
2018 J.D. House A Statistic on a Super Catalan Structure Susanna Fishel
2018 Julia Lorance Impact of Sex Differences and Tumor Location on Survival Outcomes in Glioblastoma Patients Receiving Standard of Care Kristin Swanson
2018 Natalie McKee

Undergraduate Students' Ways of Thinking About Function Notation

Patrick Thompson
2018 Austin Ryba Supplementing Traditional Symbolic Logic Instruction with Historical Background and Real-World Applications Paul Vaz
2018 Megan Sopa Computations on Spherical Domains Rodrigo Platte
2018 Robert Bo Swoverland Linear Modeling for Insurance Ratemaking/Reserving: Modeling Loss Development Factors for Catastrophe Claims Jelena Milovanovic
2018 Austin Trent Jump Dynamics Sebastien Motsch
2018 Henry Vasquez Regression Analysis on Colony Collapse Disorder in the United States Yi Zheng
2018 Zhihan Jennifer Zhang Using Generalized Linear Models to Develop Loss Triangles in Reserving Jelena Milovanovic
2017 Mitchell Anhoury The People Behind the Power: Presidential Advisors Michael Mokwa
2017 Alexandra Cole A Numerical and Analytical Study of Wave Reflection and Transmission across the Tropopause Mohamed Moustaoui
2017 Collin Kofroth Asymptotic Stability of Biharmonic Shallow Water Equations Don Jones
2017 Scott Mahan Adverse Selection and Nonlinear Pricing in Competitive Insurance Markets Edward Schlee
2017 Juan Mora The Adaptive Lasso Procedure for Building a Traffic Forecasting Model Ioannis Kamarianakis
2017 Julie Tang Gilded Pastures Jelena Milovanovic
2017 Koranis (Sandy) Tanwisuth Brain Processes in Self-Regulation: An Electroencephalography (EEG) Study

Samuel McClure

2017 Ryan Theisen, Tyler Helms Assessing the Economic Prosperity of Persons with Disabilities in American Cities

Paul Lewis

Mark Reiser

2017 Dalton Woodard On Consciousness in Artificial and Non-Biological Systems Jeffrey Watson
2016 Robert Baker Practicality of the Convolutional Solution Method of the Polarization Estimation Inverse Problem for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Rosemary Renaut
2016 Courtney Page-Bottorff Computations on Parameterized Surfaces with Chebfun2 Rodrigo Platte
2016 Aditya Dhumuntarao Quantum Matter Coupled to Classical Gravity Maulik Parikh   
2016 Barrett Anderies Stochastic parameterization of the proliferation-diffusion model of brain cancer in a Murine model Eric Kostelich
2016 Talia Davis Mathematically Modelling Population Dynamics of the Honeybee Infected with Varroa destructor and the Related Viruses Yun Kang
Nicolas Lanchier
2016 Alexander Reynolds Edge Detection from Fourier Phase Data Anne Gelb
Douglas Cochran
2016 Armando Salinas Honey Bee Population Dynamics and Neonicotinoids Paul Vaz
2016 Celine DeJesus Evaluating the utility of blood glycan levels as predictors of stage I adenocarcinoma using support vector machines Thomas Taylor
2016 Rachel Nahon Creating a Business Model for a Board Game Café With the Goal of Charitable Giving Garret Westlake
2016 Jimin Nam The Signaling Effect of College Quality to Employers Greg Veramendi
2016 Elan Markov Probabilistic Modeling and Regression Analysis of Experimental Data for Structural Systems Subramaniam Rajan
2016 Vincent Monardo Estimation Theory on Random Graphs for Offset Detection in Sensor Networks Douglas Cochran
Hal Kierstead
2016 Benji Wagner WENO Simulations of the Fermi Bubbles Emitted by Our Galaxy Carl Gardner
2016 Katherine Sample Stravinsky for Guitar Quartet Frank Koonce
2016 Justin Kasten Issues of Validity in High-Stakes Testing

Yi Zheng


Jingjing Fan, Ryan Mead

An l 1 Regularization Algorithm for Reconstructing Piecewise Smooth Functions from Fourier Data Using Wavelet Projection

Anne Gelb
Rodrigo Platte

2016 Mikayle Holm Assessment of Concept Mapping in a Biomaterials Class Casey Ankeny
2016 Daniel Ober-Reynolds Temporal and Spatial Aggregation Effects on Environmental Economic Studies Michael Hanemann
2016 Connor McKenzie, Jordan Shatila Investnet Art Budolphson
2016 Joshua Daymude Compression in Self-Organizing Particle Systems Andrea Richa
Hal Kierstead
2016 TJ Radigan, Nicole Dunn,
Chris Kinzey, Thomas Boudreau
Company X Collaborative Thesis: RealSense Market Analysis Mark Simonson
2016 Daniel Weser A Market For Television and Internet Content Fernando Leiva Bertran
2016 Sharon Wu Analysis of Acyl Carrier Protein in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Willem Vermaas
2016 Shane Lubold A Statistical Framework for Detecting Edges from Noisy Fourier Data with Multiple Concentration Factors Anne Gelb
Douglas Cochran
2016 Jared Scolaro Mathematical Modeling of Foundress Associations in Social Insects in Order to Understand Aggression in Cooperative Social Systems Eric Kostelich
2016 Lee Burke A New Numerical Method Based on Leapfrog for Atmospheric and Ocean Modeling
Mohamed Moustaoui
2016 John Harrington Are NBA Video Games Representing the Real Game? A Statistical Comparison of Phoenix Suns’ Shooting Patterns and their Video Game Counterpart Dieter Armbruster
Ioannis Kamarianakis
2016 Leah Nahon An Analysis on the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM fields

Sarah Duerden
Kathleen Brewer

2016 Alexandra Porter Collaborative Computation in Self-Organizing Particle Systems Andrea Richa
2016 Connor Schmitt, Dawson Rickets,
Maia Castiglione, Forrest Witten
Collaborative Thesis: Supplier Tool Selection Mark Simonson
2016 Perry Vargas Numerical Simulation of the Surface Brightness of Astrophysical Jets Carl Gardner
2016 Kirsten Voorhees

Comparison of Regression and Tree Analyses for Predicting Alcohol-Related Problems

Robert McCulloch
2015 Rachael Moore Designing concentration factors to detect jump discontinuities from non-uniform Fourier data Anne Gelb
2015 Caroline Dougher A Guide to Financial Mathematics Jelena Milovanovic
2015 Stephanie Taylor Two-Dimensional Stratified Cavity Flow Under Harmonic Forcing Bruno Welfert
2015 Riley Molloy Conditions for Almost Commuting Matrices to be Nearly Commuting Jack Spielberg
2015 Christina Findley WENO Simulations of AGN-jet Induced Star Formation Carl Gardner
2015 Jay Barraza Mathematical Modeling: Lights Out! Paul Vaz
2015 Chris Luna Prediction of heat transport in multiple tokamak devices with neural networks Wenbo Tang
2015 Michael Byrne An exploration of proofs of the Szemerédi regularity lemma Andrzej Czygrinow
2015 Ian Neufer Two Approaches to MRI Reconstruction: Gaussian Radial Basis Functions and Single Shot Parse Rodrigo Platte
2015 Peter Chotras Random Simulations of Braess's Paradox Dieter Armbruster
Nicolas Lanchier
2015 Melinda Jenner Quantifying the Mortality Impact of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in Arizona Gerardo Chowell-Puente
Eric Kostelich
2014 Jacob Smith Estimation of Standard Errors of Arizona Student Growth Percentiles May Boggess
2014 Tana Klinger Exploring Student Thinking in Novel Linear Relationship Problems Marilyn Carlson
2014 Lauren Crider Maximum Entropy Surrogation in Multiple Channel Signal Detection Douglas Cochran
2014 Kristen McLeod FOURFUN: A new system for automatic computations using Fourier expansions Rodrigo Platte
2014 Gabriel Wasserman Incorporating the Sparsity of Edges into the Fourier Reconstruction of Piecewise Smooth Functions Anne Gelb
Douglas Cochran
2014 James Upton Visualizing Lagrangian Coherent Structures from Realistic Flow Data Wenbo Tang
Mohamed Moustaoui
2013 Alexander Gutierrez Edge Informed Fourier Reconstruction from Non-Uniform Spectral Data Rodrigo Platte
Anne Gelb
2013 Zahra Hussaini Effect of Defects on Calculation of Electron Energy Loss Spectra of Ceria and Titania Peter Crozier
2013 Ryan Whitehurst Wada basins of attraction in diffeomorphic maps Eric Kostelich
2013 Adam Martinez Edge Detection from Non-Uniform Fourier Data via a Modified Method of Convolutional Gridding Anne Gelb
Douglas Cochran
Rodrigo Platte
2013 Spencer Prost Comparison of MIMD and SIMT Parallel Iterative Solvers for Laplace’s Equation Carl Gardner
Bruno Welfert
2013 Angelica Deibel Lagrangian Transport of Inertial Particles in Hurricane Katrina Wenbo Tang
Mohamed Moustaoui
Eric Kostelich
2012 Michael Manning Predicting Glioblastoma Growth Using a Poisson Process Eric Kostelich
Yang Kuang
Carl Gardner
2012 Emily McKee Recursion: A Lesson in Recursively Defined Functions According to the Common Core State Standards for High School Carla van de Sande
2012 Christian Wake Lagrangian Skeletons in Hurricane Katrina Wenbo Tang
2012 Devon Powell Numerical Simulation of Jet-Induced Star Formation Carl Gardner