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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

REUs are excellent opportunities to gain hands-on research experience while completing your undergraduate degree. REUs are available throughout the academic year, and at institutions across the country - including ASU. Many REU programs are available during the summer months. Not only will you gain valuable experience but you often receive stipends or other compensation for your efforts.

REUs offered at ASU

(AM)^2 - ASU / MCCCD Applied Mathematics REU
Undergraduate Research Program in Applied Mathematics
Advisor: Associate Professor Wenbo Tang

SUnMaRC (Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference)
Advisor: Professor John Jones

Other available REUs

American Mathematical Society - Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Programs
Mathematical Association of America - Semester and Summer Programs
MAA - Undergraduate Research

For information on how an REU can earn you credit towards your degree, schedule an advisng appointment with a math advisor.

Faculty Mentors

As you progress through your mathematical and statistical studies, you may have questions about getting involved in research, preparing for graduate school, or simply how you can improve your skills in a particular field of mathematics. In these instances, you would benefit from speaking with a faculty mentor in addition to your academic advisor. Below is a list of faculty mentors and their areas of expertise.

Barrett Faculty Honors Advisor - Nancy Childress         

Applied Mathematics             
Dynamical systems, differential equations - Eric Kostelich
Mathematical biology, mathematical medicine, population dynamics - Yang Kuang
Applied probability - Nicolas Lanchier
Computational applied mathematics, numerical analysis - Bruno Welfert

Theoretical Mathematics
Number theory, cryptography, abstract algebra - Nancy Childress           
Discrete mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory and algorithms - Andrzej Czygrinow         
Probability - Nicolas Lanchier      
Analysis, topology - Jack Spielberg         

Statistics - Rob McCulloch

Actuarial Science      
Actuarial science - Jelena Milovanovic
Mathematics Education
Mathematics education - Marilyn Carlson


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