PhD Dissertations

Year Name Dissertation Title Advisor
May 2019 Wendy K. Caldwell

Differential Equation Models for Understanding Phenomena beyond Experimental Capabilities

Stephen Wirkus
May 2019 Benjamin Carrillo

On K-Derived Quartics and Invariants of Local Fields

John Jones
May 2019 Neil Hatfield

Students' Meanings for Stochastic Process While Developing a Conception of Distribution

Patrick Thompson
May 2019 Tho Nguyen Xuan

Some Diophantine Problems

Andrew Bremner
May 2019 Roy Oursler

On the Existence of Loose Cycle Tilings and Rainbow Cycles

Andrzej Czygrinow
May 2019 Stephanie Reed

Rigorous Proofs of Old Conjectures and New Results for Stochastic Spatial Models in Econophysics

Nicolas Lanchier
May 2019 Matthew Weber

Investigating the Advancement of Middle School Mathematics Teachers' Meanings for Partitive Division by Fractional Values of Quantities

April Strom, Patrick Thompson
May 2019 Joseph Wells

Hybrid Subgroups of Complex Hyperbolic Lattices

Julien Paupert
May 2019 Ke Wu

Parametrically Forced Rotating and/or Stratified Confined Flows

Juan Lopez, Bruno Welfert
May 2019 Jason Yalim

Parametric Forcing of Confined and Stratified Flows

Bruno Welfert, Juan Lopez
Dec 2018 Khalaf Matar Alanazi

A Rabies Model with Distributed Latent Period and Territorial and Diffusing Rabid Foxes

Horst Thieme
Dec 2018 Brent Knutson

Pattern Identification and Analysis in Urban Flows

Wenbo Tang
Dec 2018 Alan O’Bryan

Exponential Growth and Online Learning Environments: Designing for and studying the development of student meanings in online courses

Marilyn Carlson
Aug 2018 Juan Durazo

Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter for Earth-System Models: An application to Extreme Events

Eric Kostelich
Aug 2018 Kamaldeen O. Okuneye

Mathematics of Climate Change and Mosquito-borne Disease Dynamics

Abba Gumel
May 2018 Robert Buscaglia

Supervised and Ensemble Classification of Multivariate Functional Data: Applications to Lupus Diagnosis

Yiannis Kamarianakis
May 2018 Mudiyanselage Maduranga
Kasun Dassanayake

A Study of Components of Pearson’s Chi-Square Based on Marginal Distributions
of Cross-Classified Tables for Binary Variables

Mark Reiser
May 2018 Mario Giacomazzo Three Essays on Shrinkage Estimation and Model Selection of Linear and Nonlinear Time Series Models Yiannis Kamarianakis
May 2018 Brady Gilg Critical Coupling and Synchronized Clusters in Arbitrary Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators Dieter Armbruster
May 2018 Katherine Irimata Essays on the Identification and Modeling of Variance Jeffrey Wilson
May 2018 Kyle Irimata

Three Essays on Correlated Binary Outcomes: Detection and Appropriate Models

Jeffrey Wilson
May 2018 Kirk T. Kayser

The Economics of Need-based Transfers

Dieter Armbruster
May 2018 Younghwan Kim

On the Uncrossing Partial Order on Matchings

Susanna Fishel
May 2018 Marisabel Rodriguez Messan

Understanding the Emerging Behaviors and Demands for the Colony Success of Social Insects: A Mathematical Approach

Yun Kang
May 2018 Emily Ginamarie Kuper Flores

Sparky the Saguaro:  Teaching Experiments Examining Students' Development of the Idea of Logarithm

Marilyn Carlson
May 2018 Theresa Scarnati

Recent Techniques for Regularization in Partial Differential Equations and Imaging

Anne Gelb
Rodrigo Platte
May 2018 Phillip Morgan Walker Effective-diffusion for general nonautonomous systems Wenbo Tang
May 2018 Meng Wang Spatio-temporal Statistical Modeling: Climate Impacts due to Bioenergy Crop Expansion Yiannis Kamarianakis
May 2018 Zhongshen Wang Locally D-optimal Designs for Generalized Linear Models John Stufken
May 2018 Jangwon Yie Some Tur´an-type Problems in Extremal Graph Theory Andrzej Czygrinow
May 2017 Junfei Zhu A Power Study of GFfit Statistics as Components of Pearson Chi-Square Mark Reiser
May 2017 Ruowen Liu Numerical Issues Arising in the Simulations of Transient Water Flow in Layered Unsaturated Soils Bruno Welfert
May 2017 Paloma Gutierrez Castillo Rotating Split-Cylinder Flows Juan Lopez
May 2017 Alex Farrell Prey-predator-parasite: an ecosystem model with fragile persistence Horst Thieme
May 2017 Sultan Al-Suleiman Toward Enumerating the Chains of Maximum Length of Cambrian and m-eralized Cambrian Lattices Susanna Fishel
Dec 2016 Kevin Treat On Chains in the Tamari Lattice Susanna Fishel
Dec 2016 Bruce Pell Dynamics and Implications of Data-Based Disease Models in Public Health and Agriculture Yang Kuang
Dec 2016 Daniel Korytowski Persistence for "Kill The Winner" nested infection Lotka-Volterra models Hall Smith
Aug 2016 Cameron Byerley Secondary Teachers' and Calculus Students' Meanings for Fraction, Measure and Rate of Change Patrick Thompson
Aug 2016 Erica Rutter A Mathematical Journey of Cancer Growth E. Kostelich
Y. Kuang
Aug 2016 Arthur Araujo Mitrano Properties of divergence-free methods for approximation and solution of partial differential equations Rodrigo Platte
Aug 2016 Nathan Lanfear The Pauli-Luba'nski Vector in a Group-Theoretical Approach to Relativistic Wave Equations S. Suslov
B. Kotschwar
Aug 2016 Luke Nelson Toward the Enumeration of Maximal Chains in the Tamari lattices Susanna Fishel
2016 Stephen Evilsizor Evolutionary Games as Interacting Particle Systems Nicolas Lanchier
2016 Frank Marfai Characterizing Teacher Change Through the Perturbation of Pedagogical Goals Marilyn Carlson
2016 Dennis Denker High-Order Methods Exploiting Sparsity with Applications in Imaging and PDEs Anne Gelb
2016 Adam Morgan Cuntz-Pimsner Algebras of Twisted Tensor Products of Correspondences and Other Constructions S. Kaliszewski
J. Quigg
2015 Matthew Wienke An Aggregate Second Order Continuum Model for Transient Production Planning Dieter Armbruster
2015 Andrea Thatcher Swarming in Bounded Domains Dieter Armbruster
2015 Wanchunzi Yu A Test and Confidence Set for Comparing the Location of Quadratic Growth Curves Mark Reiser
2015 Utku Ilkturk Observability Methods in Sensor Scheduling  A. Gelb
R. Platte 
2015 Michael Tallman An Examination of the Effect of a Secondary Teacher's Image of Instructional Constraints on His Enacted Subject Matter Knowledge Marilyn Carlson
2015 Rebecca Everett Applications of the Droop Cell Quota Model to Data Based Cancer Growth and Treatment Models Yang Kuang
2015 Ran Wang On Choosability and Paintability of Graphs Hal Kierstead
2015 Scott Zinzer One- and Two-Variable p-adic Measures in Iwasawa Theory Nancy Childress
2014 Thomas Holeva A Kinetic Approach to Anomalous Diffusion in Biological Trapping Regions S. Baer
C. Ringhofer
2014 Aaron Packer Cell Quota Based Population Models and their Applications Yang Kuang
2014 Yuqin Zhao Mathematical and Statistical Insights in Evaluating State Dependent Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Interventions Yang Kuang
2014 Benjamin Robinson Operator-Valued Frames Associated with Measure Spaces D. Cochran
W. Moran
2014 M'hamed Temkit Experimental Designs for Generalized Linear Models and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ming-Hung Kao
2014 Angela Peace Stoichiometric Producer-Grazer Models Incorporating the Effects of Excess Food-Nutrient Content on Grazer Dynamics Yang Kuang
2014 Roberto Alvarez A Two-Strain Spatiotemporal  Mathematical Model of Cancer With Free Boundary Condition Fabio Milner
2014 Stacey Bowling Conceptions of Function Composition in College Precalculus Students Marilyn Carlson
2014 Wen Jin Persistence of Discrete Dynamical Systems in Infinite Dimensional State Spaces Horst Thieme
2013 Arturo Valdivia Alternative Methods via Random Forest to Identify Interactions in a General Framework and Variable Importance in the Context of Value-Added Models Randall Eubank
2013 Hao Liu Spatial Spread of Rabies in Wildlife Yang Kuang
2013 Jonathan Young Time-Dependent Models of Signal Transduction Networks Dieter Armbruster
2013 Jun Zhang A Continuous Latent Factor Model for Non-ignorable Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies M. Reiser
J. Barber 
2013 Shawn Elledge On Minimal Levels of Iwasawa Towers Nancy Childress
2013 Aviva Halani Students’ Ways of Thinking about Combinatorics Solution Sets Kyeong Hah Roh
2013 Chester Ismay Testing Independence of Parallel Pseudorandom Number Streams: Incorporating the Data’s Multivariate Nature Randall Eubank
2013 Theodore Molla On Tiling Directed Graphs with Cycles and Tournaments Henry Kierstead
2013 Jeremiah Jones Drift-Diffusion Simulation of the Ephaptic Effect in the Triad Synapse of the Retina Carl Gardner
2013 Landon Rabern Coloring graphs from almost maximum degree sized palettes Henry Kierstead
2012 Lydia Bilinsky Dynamic Hopf bifurcation in spatially extended excitable systems from neuroscience Steven Baer
2012 Victoria Horan Listing Combinatorial Objects Glenn Hurlbert
2012 Matthew Smith On-line Coloring of Partial Orders, Circular Arc Graphs, and Trees Henry Kierstead
2012 Qing Huang Some Topics Concerning the Singular Value Decomposition and Generalized Singular Value Decomposition R. Eubank
R. Renaut 
2012 Jingjin Li Multivariate Generalization of Reduced Major Axis Regression D. Young
R. Eubank 
2012 Shaojie Chang Computational Study of the Cone-Horizontal Cell Feedback Mechanism in the Outer-Plexiform Layer of Cat Retina S. Baer
C. Gardner 
2012 Zhun Han A Chemostat Model of Bacteriophage-Bacteria Interaction with Infinite Distributed Delays Hal Smith
2012 Andrew Karl A Correlated Random Effects Model for Nonignorable Missing Data in Value-Added Assessment of Teacher Effects S. Lohr
Y. Yang 
2012 Eric Weber Students’ Ways of Thinking about Two-Variable Functions and Rate of Change in Space Pat Thompson
2011 Adam Bland Reachability in K-Colored Tournaments Henry Kierstead
2011 Louis DeBiasio Optimal Degree Conditions for Spanning Subgraphs H. Kierstead
A. Czygrinow 
2011 Jelena Milovanovic Chi-Square Orthogonal Components for Assessing Goodness-of-fit of Multidimensional Multinomial Data D. Young
M. Reiser 
2011 Barbara Sanborn Symplectic topology and geometric quantum mechanics Sergei Suslov
2011 Chase Franks Classifying Lambda modules up to isomorphism and applications to Iwasawa Theory Nancy Childress
2011 Cristi Darley Guevara Munoz Global behavior of finite energy solutions to the focusing nonlinear Schrődinger equation in d-dimension Svetlana Roudenko
2011 Vikram Kamat Erdős-Ko-Rado theorems: new generalizations, stability analysis and Chvátal’s conjecture Glenn Hurlbert
2011 Ana Lage Ramierez Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Exploring a Teacher's Sources of Effectiveness Patrick Thompson
2011 Michael Manley Saddle squares in random two person zero sum games with finitely many strategies Kevin Kadell
2011 Nura Patani C*-correspondences and topological dynamical systems associated to generalizations of directed graphs S.Kaliszweksi
J. Quigg 
2011 Wei Shen A sparsity enforcing framework with TVL1 regularization and its application in MR imaging and source localization Hans Mittelmann
2010 Andrew Jennings Monotonicity and manipulability of ordinal and cardinal social choice functions G. Hurlbert
H. Barcelo
2010 David Smith The first-fit algorithm uses many colors on some interval graphs Henry Kierstead