RTG Fellows

2020 Cohort

Henrique Cheng    
Research Advisor: John Fricks

Nicholas Chmielewski    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Rodrigo Platte

Alex Reust    
Rsearch Advisor: Shiwei Lan

2019 Cohort

Austin Gregory    
Research Advisor: Richard Hahn
Graduated in 2020 with Master's in Statistics
Working as a data scientist at Republic Services (Phoenix, AZ)

Andrew Herren    
Research Advisor: Richard Hahn
Graduated May 2023 - PhD Statistics
Machine Learning in Causal Inference: Theory, Examples, and Computational Results

Marina Mancuso    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Abba Gumel

Victoria Uribe    
Applied Math    
Research Advisors: Malena Espanol, Rodrigo Platte

2018 Cohort

Bryce Barclay    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Alex Mahalov

Antonio Campbell    

Chelsea (Kennedy) Krantsevich
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Richard Hahn

Demetrios Papakostas    
Research Advisor: Richard Hahn
Graduated May 2023 - PhD Statistics
Case Studies in Machine Learning of Reduced Form Models for Causal Inference

Casey Smith    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Bruno Welfert
Graduated December 2021 - MA Applied Mathematics

Steven Reed    
Applied Math
Working as chief operations officer at Modulus (Scottsdale, AZ)

2017 Cohort

Victoria Dollar    
Applied Math    

Miandra Ellis    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Rosemary Renaut

Camille Moyer    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Dieter Armbruster
Working as a field application engineer at Hailo (San Jose, CA)

Abigael Nachtsheim    
Research Advisor: John Stufken
Graduated August 2020 - PhD Statistics
Contributions to Optimal Experimental Design and Strategic Subdata Selection for Big Data
Working at Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico)

2016 Cohort

Lauren Crow    
Research Advisor: John Fricks    
Graduated December 2020 - PhD Statistics
Statistical Inference of Dynamics in Neurons via Stochastic EM
Working as senior statistician at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Conshohocken, PA)

Genesis Islas    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Rodrigo Platte
Graduated December 2021 - PhD Applied Mathematics
Partition of Unity Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations on Surfaces
Working as mathematics lecturer at California State University, Long Beach

Tony Liu    
Applied Math    
Research Advisor: Rodrigo Platte
Graduated August 2019 - PhD Applied Mathematics
Optimal Sampling for Linear Function Approximation and High-Order Finite Difference Methods over Complex Regions
Working as Assistant Professor, Air Force Institute of Technology

John Stockton    
Research Advisor: John Fricks

RTG Participants

Theresa Scarnati
Applied Mathematics 2018

Michael Byrne

Bechir Amdouni

Tin Phan

Esther Boyle

Michael Culp
Applied Mathematics

Undergraduate Students

Alyssa Burgueno

Matthew Kinsinger
REU 2017

Megan Sopa
Honors Thesis 2017

Courtney Page-Bottorff
Honors Thesis 2016

Alexander Reynolds
REU 2016