MCTP Undergraduate Research Program in Mathematics

MCTP concluded in 2017. The info offered on this page is for reference only.

The MCTP project at ASU and Scottsdale Community College

The goal of the Mentoring through Critical Transition Points (MCTP) initiative is to help students at critical junctures in their mathematics degree programs. The MCTP project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

What kinds of projects do students work on?

The MCTP program offers several types of projects in areas of scientific interest and expertise of the mentoring faculty. The general areas include weather and climate forecasting and environmental fluid dynamics; the mathematics of imaging; mathematical models of biological processes, including brain tumors, cellular transport, and cell networks; stochastic processes and mathematical finance; and the dynamics of networks. Several types of projects are planned. Projects will vary by year.

Students work on their projects full-time in summer and part-time for two semesters and present their work at an appropriate research conference. Each project will be suitable material for an Honors thesis, and we hope that some of them can be published in research journals.