4+1 Accelerated Degrees

Students in select majors offered by the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences have the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree within five years as a part of an accelerated program (4+1).

The following bachelor degrees are eligible for the 4+1 program towards a Master's degree:.

BS Computational Mathematical Sciences + MA Mathematics
Computational Mathematical Sciences (BS)

BS Mathematics + MA Mathematics
Mathematics (BS)

BS Actuarial Science + MS Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science (BS)

BS Mathematics (Statistics) + MS Statistics
Mathematics (Statistics) (BS)

  1.   75 hours completed toward the undergraduate degree

  2.   One full year left of coursework in your degree

  3.   3.25 cumulative GPA

Students interested in the 4+1 program need to complete the following steps.

  1. Meet with an undergraduate academic advisor in the School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences to discuss your admission in the program. This meeting should occur the semester before you intend to start the program. Typically, this means your junior year.

  2. During this meeting, you will complete the 4+1 pre-application with your advisor.

  3. Your advisor will connect you with the SoMSS grad office to set up a graduate school advising session. This session will detail graduate school application deadlines, graduate program requirements, and course sharing opportunities between graduate and undergraduate programs.

  4. After this session, you will be instructed to complete the graduate school application

  5. Once admitted, you can begin taking graduate level courses with approval from academic advisors

Q: When is the latest that I can apply?

A:  The answer can depend on several factors. However, a general rule of thumb is to have the graduate application submitted by July 1st of the year that you intend to start sharing coursework.


Q: Can I start in a spring semester?

A: Our course sequences are developed to begin in the fall semester


Q: I already have some graduate level credit before I applied. Can I use it toward my graduate degree in this program?

A:  It can vary on the individual circumstance. During your meeting with the graduate office in our school, we will discuss your current credits and how/if they can apply.


Q: Can I use undergraduate financial aid while I am in this program?

A: Yes. However, once you complete your undergraduate degree, your eligibility changes. We encourage you to speak with financial aid regarding options for completing the program.


Q:  How does the course sharing work?

A: Students are allowed to share 12 hours of graduate level coursework and have it applied toward the undergraduate and graduate degrees. These 12 hours will be completed in the final year of your undergraduate degree, leaving one year remaining afterwards to complete the Master’s program. 

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