Devil Data Science Club

Devil Data Science Club is a student organization which gathers students interested in data science and related areas. Apart from students from the Data Science BS program, this club has a variety of other majors, most notably computer science, engineering, business and mathematics, but also others, such as bioscience, behavioral and social sciences, geographic information science, etc.

The club invites guest speakers from industry who provide valuable information about typical workflow and activities at data science jobs, how to apply for jobs, what to expect at job interviews, etc. The guest speakers are often ASU alumni. In recent months, the club hosted guest speakers who work (or worked in the past) for companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, IBM, Facebook, Carvana, Culdesac, City of Tempe government, etc.

Additionally, the club organizes workshops on data science and programming tools, such as Python, R, Tableau, SQL, web scraping, etc. In other occasions, more experienced students give talks about their recent internships, sharing their experience and advice to other club members.