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Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa (GIS) Chapter is an international fraternity whose purpose is to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management, and actuarial science as professions; to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members; and to facilitate interaction of educational institutions and industry through networking and by fostering research activities, scholarship, and improved public relations.

As members of the club, students have an opportunity to hear from actuaries at varying levels from both local and national actuarial firms. At club meetings, actuarial professionals share information about their respective companies and provide helpful employment advice. In addition to meeting with prospective employers, members will also participate in career-building activities, such as resume reviews and interview preparation. These activities help prepare actuarial students for summer internships and ultimately full-time employment.

The Gamma Iota Sigma chapter also helps organize the annual Actuarial Science Career Day, which brings together potential employers with students.

To join Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa chapter at ASU, fill out the online application. Once completed, print your application and submit with a one-time membership fee of $50 in a sealed envelope to Dr. Milovanovic's mailbox in WXLR 216. Only checks payable to GAMMA IOTA SIGMA KAPPA CHAPTER AT ASU will be accepted as a form of payment. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and only completed forms will be considered for membership. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email invitation from to join GIS @ ASU. You will need to click on 'accept' in the email invitation in order to become an official member. Contact Jonathan Kiperman with any questions.

GIS @ ASU Leaders

Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at ASU officers for 2019-2020
President - Dylan Ketcham, Vice President - Kinsey Turk, Treasurer - Jonathan Kiperman

Committee members (from left)
Fernando Correa Chavez, Devon Haycock, Sean Kratsch, Sarah Lemme, Michelle Torbit

GIS @ ASU Senior Advisors

Senior advisors
Hailey Walters, Emma Terry

Allstate Visits GIS @ ASU

Allstate Visits GIS @ ASU

September 17, 2019
By Fernando Correa Chavez

On September 10, representatives from Allstate Insurance came to visit the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at ASU (GIS @ ASU). The evening began with dinner and networking, followed by an exciting exercise led by four Allstate representatives. This allowed GIS @ ASU members to gain a valuable glimpse into the property and casualty sector of actuarial science and risk management.

Attendees were separated into eight groups, each tasked to create a structure out of incredibly sturdy materials: uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. The goal was to create the most stable structure that could withstand a “natural event” ranging from hailing rocks, shaking tables, and the occasional hand crushing. The groups were then assigned to create rate factors for each specific building material and a base rate for the properties, in order to calculate a premium. Based on the premiums created, each group was assigned another group’s structure to insure and to see how the premium rates they created would withstand the damage created by the events.

After the dust settled, the group earning the most profit was group six: Sindyan Shawli, Sarah Lemme, Joshua Callahan, Brandon Huemiller, and Benyu Tian. Instead of just relying on building materials, group six considered other variables such as height and if there was any pre-existing damage to the building.

The evening concluded with Allstate providing a brief overview of the company culture at their Chandler office and an overview of their internship program and full-time positions for the summer of 2020. Students were interested to learn of new internship opportunities. Two GIS @ ASU members who had interned with Allstate previously explained how much they enjoyed their experience. GIS @ ASU appreciates Allstate’s commitment to the club. We are excited to host more events like this, which allow our members to gain more exposure to the actuarial profession.

A “Feud” to Remember: Nationwide E&S/Specialty Hosts Annual GIS @ ASU Game Night

A “Feud” to Remember: Nationwide E&S/Specialty Hosts Annual GIS @ ASU Game Night

September 10, 2019
By Michelle Torbit

On September 4, Nationwide held their fourth annual “Nationwide Game Night” for the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at ASU (GIS @ ASU). The evening began with dinner, an abundance of networking, and a look into the insurance market of excess and surplus lines. As GIS @ ASU prepares for the upcoming Actuarial Science Career Fair, taking place September 19th, every opportunity to interact with potential employers as well as learn about this beloved field is paramount for both gaining interview confidence and building bonds with industry and peers alike.

As GIS @ ASU has come to expect, Nationwide designed a night, or more fittingly a “feud”, to remember. Students assembled in teams and pursued a battle of actuarial wits in an insurance themed version of Family Feud. As to be expected in any good game of Family Feud, the buzzers were loud, and the questions were funny, but not nearly as funny as the responses. Surveys ranged across topics such as an actuary’s most cherished Excel function, excuses we tell ourselves for not studying, fears that surface while taking exams, and even the worst place to take someone on a first date.

GIS @ ASU appreciates Nationwide’s commitment to our club. We are excited for more events to come where we can, not only have fun, but also increase our exposure to actuarial terms, concepts, and markets in our field, as well as practice our ability to work in teams and reach success.

Humana Visits GIS @ ASU

Humana Visits GIS @ ASU

September 9, 2019
By Katie Wholley

On August 27, representatives from Humana came to visit the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at Arizona State University (GIS @ ASU) for their first meeting of the academic year. Students were anxious to hear from representative Matt Coles about Humana’s summer internship program in Louisville, Kentucky. He provided an overview of the program, showcased the student intern experience, and explained the details of the internship application process, getting GIS@ASU members excited about the opportunities available.

To start the night off, Humana highlighted what makes their company unique. This included some of the events that their interns participated in, such as horse races and immersing themselves in the culture of their respective cities. They also explained how their interns participate in professional development workshops, hands-on projects with real data, and networking opportunities.

One part of the presentation that was most interesting was an explanation of the possibilities for students after completing the internship. These included working remotely from home, returning to the internship program the following summer, and having the opportunity to become a full-time Humana employee upon graduation. While these opportunities are more geared towards experienced students, Humana also provides opportunities for first-year students to help them explore actuarial science and risk management. Humana’s Early I.D. program allows first year students to gain valuable insight into the healthcare industry as they continue in their undergraduate studies.

GIS @ ASU is off to a great start. Not only did our members gain valuable information about the internship process for Humana, but they also received an introduction to this year’s new officers at the conclusion of the night. We are so excited that our first meeting was a success and look forward to our next meeting!



September 6, 2019
By Dylan Ketcham

Every year officers of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) chapters across the nation strive to start strong and bring new ideas forward. These growing leaders bring new perspectives to their organizations, and select members have the chance to share these perspectives at the annual Leadership Symposium in Columbus, Ohio. Arizona State University’s Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa chapter (GIS@ASU) was one of the schools invited to attend, bringing their unique voice to the international conversation. GIS@ASU’s President, Dylan Ketcham, and Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Michelle Torbit, spent the weekend connecting with other GIS leaders and developing their own leadership skills.

After a reception night on the night of August 22, where attendees had a chance to meet each other and make friends over plates of milk and cookies, the symposium began in earnest on August 23. Excited officers networked over breakfast as the Gamma Iota Sigma Grand Chapter representatives welcomed the crowd. Several presenters had a chance to share valuable lessons on leadership, including an eye-opening presentation on emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership. Once the presentations were complete, members of the insurance industry joined the members at their tables, giving the chapter leaders a chance to ask their questions directly to successful members of the risk management and insurance business. These professionals then joined the attendees in a career fair, where companies had a chance to discuss the opportunities available to members of GIS. These presentations and networking segments let the attending leaders of the GIS chapters learn valuable lessons as well as forging lasting industry connections

The following day, the conference was separated into several breakout sessions, where smaller groups of attendees were lead through interesting presentations and stimulating discussion. The topics of these sessions varied, including sessions on how to best plan events for member engagement and fundraising efforts, public relations and recruitment tactics, and ways to best define and plan the duties and succession of officers. Not only were these sessions incredibly helpful in the information they provided, but the collaborative nature of the discussions allowed the audience to become even closer friends with their fellow GIS officers.

The GIS leadership symposium allowed the attending members of GIS@ASU to grow immensely as leaders, and the network of connections that they formed will continue to grow. The lessons learned at this event will be instrumental in taking GIS@ASU to new heights. The officers of GIS@ASU would like to extend their thanks to the GIS Grand Chapter for organizing and hosting the event, and is excited to take these lessons home and continue to grow and develop.



September 4, 2019
By Sarah Lemme and Kinsey Turk

As summer ends and the school year begins, the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at ASU (GIS @ ASU) strives to celebrate the success of its members, whether it be passing exams or finishing internships. One way GIS @ ASU does this is by joining the AZ Actuarial Club ’s happy hour, attending along with ASU faculty and actuaries from around the valley. The event was held on August 23 at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe, and was a great experience to catch up with familiar faces and build connections with new professionals.

The night was spent talking about what everyone did over their summer, whether that be an internship, work, or travel. Committee members Sean Kratsch and Sarah Lemme talked to AZ Actuarial Club member and ASU alumnus Zach Broermann about his experience at United Healthcare. He shared his future plans in the insurance world along with advice for passing exams. This advice is especially helpful for students going through school and learning a balance between studying for exams and classes. In addition, events like these teach insurance students to include socialization and a bit of fun in their busy schedules.

GIS @ ASU is very grateful for events focused on integrating students into the professional world. Being able to build relationships allows for industry growth and for professionals to share their experience with students looking to work alongside them soon. GIS @ ASU is thankful for the invitation from AZ Actuarial Club and looks forward to future events with them.



August 29, 2019
By Devon Haycock and Kinsey Turk

As thousands of incoming first-year students flocked to ASU for the first week of the semester, they all searched for a club that could help them feel important and connect with others. On August 21, the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter (GIS @ ASU) attended Passport to ASU. The purpose of this event was to connect incoming first-year students to clubs and organizations, to help these new students find their place at ASU and meet their peers. GIS @ ASU was incredibly excited to share with students the academic, professional, and social benefits that it can provide.

Amongst more than 100 clubs in attendance, GIS @ ASU wanted to find a way to stand out and draw in students. With this goal in mind, the committee members advertised keywords like “math,” “statistics,” “data analytics,” “insurance,” and “risk management” to pique students’ interest in the GIS @ ASU booth. Once the students approached, the GIS @ ASU committee members helped to break the ice and explain what the actuarial science and risk management programs entailed. In addition, they shared how the organization can help students with their professional development, with events such as resume review nights, and interviewing practice sessions.

Once the students learned more about what GIS @ ASU does, they left with newfound awe for the insurance and risk management industry! However, before they left, GIS @ ASU obtained all interested first-year students' emails, so that they could receive more information about becoming a member and details on the first meeting. All in all, Passport to ASU was an excellent start to an exciting semester, with GIS @ ASU connecting with students and starting the year off strong.



August 27, 2019
By Kinsey Turk

As the new school year begins, ASU has begun welcoming a whole new class of eager first year students. On August 20, the Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter at ASU (GIS @ ASU) attended the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences’ (SoMSS) Fall Welcome to aid in the effort of introducing students to ASU. The GIS @ ASU officers and faculty advisors all had the chance to meet and interact with future members and students. The event was a great kick start to a busy and fun-filled year.

Fall Welcome is an excellent way for SoMSS students to meet one another and to learn about all the services that are provided to help them succeed in college. The day featured presentations from clubs within SoMSS, so that students begin getting involved in organizations and start leaving their mark on ASU. GIS @ ASU president, Dylan Ketcham, shared with first-year students all the opportunities that our club provides such as internships, professional skill-building workshops, career fairs, and much more. When asked who was majoring in actuarial science, GIS @ ASU was thrilled to see more than 30 students raise their hands. After introductions finished, students had the chance to approach the organizations individually. Several students chatted with officers about their experience within the actuarial science program, advice on first-year success, and time management. These students got a chance to connect with the members of GIS @ ASU and learn more about the organization.

GIS @ ASU values mentoring the future of insurance and loved to hear student’s perspective on their time at ASU thus far. Many expressed an interest in attending our first meeting of the year on August 27. The members of GIS @ ASU loved meeting everyone at Fall Welcome, and can’t wait to see them at future meetings!