Data Science Program

Why study data science?

An estimated shortage of up to 190,000 data analysts in the U.S. is creating high demand for data scientists with the know-how to use data to make effective decisions. From predicting consumer behavior to extracting information from medical images, you will graduate ready for a dynamic career that inspires global change.

Why study data science at ASU?

Modern science and technology use sophisticated mathematical and computational tools to extract patterns from large, complex and often unordered data sets. Machine learning and data mining are invaluable technologies with applications as diverse as detecting fraudulent online credit-card transactions, understanding the dynamics of social movements, and personalizing medical treatments based on a tumor's unique genetic profile.

ASU's BS degree program in data science prepares students to be critical analysts and users of data in a variety of areas such as business, research and government. This transdisciplinary program allows students to choose a focus area from a variety of fields to center their understanding of data science. With a mathematical core consisting of linear algebra, statistical inference and classification, data mining, machine learning and associated computer methods, students leave the program with a strong background in data-related skills that are useful in solving real world issues.