Financial Support

The National Science Foundation has provided funds for the financial support of a limited number of US graduate students and early career researchers (junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows) who have no travel support to attend ICMA-VII. To be eligible, the applicant must be a member of the U.S. scientific community (i.e., someone based at a U.S. institution). Those based outside the U.S. are not eligible.

Each award includes (up to) $470 for travel, per diem, registration reimbursement, local transportation and up to 3 nights lodging at (a maximum of) $160 per night (single occupancy) for junior faculty and postdoctoral students (a maximum of) $80 per night (double occupancy) for graduate students. Women and members of other underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

Eligible participants can submit an application, before the application deadline of August 7, 2019, at this form. Decisions will be made by August 15, 2019. 

Applications require a current curriculum vitae and, in the case of graduate students, a letter of recommendation from their adviser (which should be sent to

Note that although we will be reimbursing registration fees of supported participants, the supported participants will be expected to register for the conference before they receive funding.

Also note that due to recent tax regulations adopted by Arizona State University, F1 visa holders will be required to work with their home institution to pay all initial expenses. If the funding request is accepted, Arizona State University will directly reimburse the participant's home institution based on the amount approved in the application. Additional information will be provided later.

ICMA-VII is generously sponsored by:

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