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Charles Wexler, circa 1930The School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences cordially invites you to attend the 42nd annual


Friday, April 5, 2019 at 2:45pm
Awards ceremony - followed by reception
Wexler Hall - A206
ASU Tempe campus

An outstanding faculty member and an outstanding student will be honored with the Charles Wexler Teaching Award and Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize.


Professor Charles Wexler founded the ASU Department of Mathematics in 1930 and served until 1977. Memorial gifts from his family and others have provided funds for two awards which are presented at the annual Charles Wexler Awards ceremony each April.

The Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize is presented each year to the outstanding undergraduate senior mathematics major. The student is selected by an awards committee based on faculty nominations.

The Charles Wexler Teaching Award is presented each year to an outstanding teacher of undergraduate mathematics. The winner is by the awards committee based on nominations made by undergraduate students with majors in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. 

Recipients of the Charles Wexler Awards receive an inscribed plaque and a cash award. Their names are placed on archival plaques permanently displayed in our School's office.

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2019 Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize recipient Emily Rumney with Professor Andrew Bremner

2019 Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize recipient Emily Rumney with professor Andrew Bremner


2019 Charles Wexler Teaching Award recipient Marko Samara with school director Al Boggess

2019 Charles Wexler Teaching Award recipient Marko Samara with school director Al Boggess (on left)


Year Student Prize Teaching Award
2019Emily RumneyMarko Samara
2018Zhihan Jennifer ZhangJelena Milovanovic
2017Alexandra PorterCarl Gardner
2016Aditya DhumuntaraoBrett Kotschwar
2015Jakob HansenHorst Thieme
2014Matthew BrownAndrzej Czygrinow
2013Alexander GutierrezJesse (Jay) Taylor
2012Tho Nguyen XuanNicolas Lanchier
2011Rebecca BorcheringSusanna Fishel
Jared Neufer
2010 Matthew Grimes Kyeong Hah Roh
  Erik Walsberg  
2009 Aaron Royer Glenn Hurlbert
  Steven Troxler  
2008 Keenan Kidwell Eric Kostelich
2007 David Kaspar Doug Blount
2006 Timothy Kahn Don Jones
  Annette Spyker  
2005 Daniel M. Romero Hendrik (Hank) Kuiper
2004 Joshua R. Whitney Katie Kolossa
2003 Andrew Jennings Anmin Zhu
  Joshua Kantor Helene Barcelo
2002 Son Tran Sergei Suslov
2001 Steven Spiriti Yingxian Zhu
2000 Lisa Tracy Nandor Sieben
1999 Michelle Rockafellow John Spielberg
1998 Joel Hindorff John Jones
1997 Lynn Tobin Mike Brilleslyper
1996 Susan A. Leutwyler Michael Trapuzzano
1995 Felicia Hendricks Faris Odish
  Boris Mitavskiy  
1994 Robert Jan Sussland Matthias Kawski
1993 Edward E. Coe Larry Welch
  Colleen R. McFadden  
1992 Linda Lea Schroder Terri L. Miller
  James Douglas Stanley Joseph W. Rody, Jr.
1991 Ronald E. Roberts Dennis L. Young
1990 James L. Nutting Joaquin Bustoz
  Frances Y. Jackson  
1989 Steven A. Speer John N. McDonald
1988 Louis J. Kerofsky Matthew J. Hassett
1987 Sarah Jane Witherspoon Andrew Bremner
1986 Keith Gregg Sharon Walker
  John Merkel  
  Amy Riordan  
1985 Robert Hinkle John Quigg
1984 Revathi Narasimhan Joan McCarter
1983 Teresa K. Hughey Enrico J. Serpone
1982 Frank J. Attanucci Philip A. Leonard
  Terrie L. Norris  
1981 Stephen Kirschvink Cecilia Wang
  Keith Lewis  
1980 Michael Hegarty David Dudley
1979 John Froelich Gerald Payne
1978 Presley Surratt Roger V. Roman