Graduate Academic Advising

Your path to your graduate program starts here. Our academic advisors provide personalized academic advising to all prospective and current students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (SoMSS). SoMSS programs prepare students for conducting independent research in mathematics while ensuring deep knowledge in the area of specialization and breadth of knowledge in various areas of mathematics.


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Our academic advisors will assist with degree requirements from beginning to end and can help with the planning of your courses. You can direct most university-related questions to your advisor. If they do not have the answer, they will point you to the available resource that does.

It's important that you share any problem or challenge that arises during degree completion so that your advisor can help you. Your academic success is their primary focus.

Our advisors can help you with questions about:

  • Course Planning
  • Academic milestones
  • Internships and research
  • Academic performance
  • Funding opportunities, conferences, and travel
  • Almost anything -- we can connect you with a number of resources across campus!

Advising appointments

Schedule your advising appointment online.
WXLR A213 (map to Wexler Hall)



Tuesdays:  1:00-4:00 pm (Jennie Burel & Joelle Park).

You are responsible for providing your 10-digit ASU affiliate ID (starting with a 1000 or 1200). If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment you may have to reschedule.

Phone appointments are also available — just call in at your scheduled time to 480-965-3951.

Not an ASU student yet? No problem. You can still make an appointment with an advisor or you can come during walk-in hours.   

Your advising team

Joelle Park

Joelle Park
Graduate Program Coordinator

Jennie Burel

Jennie Burel
Graduate Program Coordinator


Override Requests - Tempe campus only

Override request form

Fill out the online Graduate Course Override Request form to begin the process for requesting a class override for mathematics or statistics courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) on the Tempe campus.

  • This form can only be used during the add/drop enrollment period. After the add deadline, you must contact our office for enrollment assistance.
  • Only complete requests will be acted upon.
  • Allow 1 to 2 business days for processing.

Types of Overrides

  • Prerequisite Override - needed when prerequisites have not been turned into ASU or are not showing in the system properly. Requires proof of prerequisite such as copies of unofficial transcript or class schedule from other institutions.
  • Class Full - needed when desired course if full. The department will check room capacity per Fire Marshal regulations before override is granted.
  • Course Permission - needed when course requires instructor/ department consent.
  • Time Conflict- needed when course times overlap.

*All overrides will require instructor permission, when filling out the override form you will be asked to include your instructor’s email; this will create a signing order and send the form to the instructor for approval.

Graduate Course Override Request form

If you have any questions contact us at:
480-965-3951 or

Enroll in Research, Thesis, Internship, Discussion or Dissertation

How to enroll in Research, Thesis, Internship or Dissertation Credits

Students who want to enroll in 592/599, 792/799, or 784/584 must complete a Graduate Course Override Request form and follow the instructions.  

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisor typically acts as the instructor for the course


Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting an error when I try to enroll, what do I do?

You probably have to submit an override form. Refer to the overrides tab to learn more about how to register for the restricted course.

I am getting a reserve error when I try to enroll, what do I do?

Many classes at ASU are reserved for specific groups. If you are attempting to enroll and receive the message the "seats are reserved and you do not meet reserve capacity" you may not be able to enroll in that section. You may choose another, non-reserved section. If you feel you are getting the message in error, call our office at 480-965-3951 for assistance.

The class I want has a green triangle next to it, what does that mean?

A triangle next to a course section on the schedule of classes indicates that some or all of the seats are reserved for a specific group of students. If you hover your mouse over the triangle, it will tell you whom the seats are reserved for, and when those seats will be released for general enrollment.

I'm on probation, what does that mean?

If you are not making satisfactory progress and your cumulative GPA is below 3.0 you will be placed on probation status. Once on probation, you will need to:

1.   Schedule an appointment with an advisor to get you back on track

2.   You can Schedule an appointment.

If you are put on academic probation for other reasons then make sure to follow the steps that have been communicated to you.

The class I want is full. How can I get in?

Class full overrides are granted at the discretion of the instructor. For a class full override to be approved:

  1. The class instructor must agree to the override, by signing off on a Graduate Course Override Request form
  2. There must be physical space available in the classroom. If the class is enrolled to fire-code capacity, no override will be granted, regardless of instructor permission.
  3. It must be before the add/drop deadline. Refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

Note, the online "Waitlist" feature associated with the schedule of classes does not work, so clicking the waitlist option will not actually add your name to the enrollment queue.

If you would like to be added to a waitlist please email   

I already have credit for a class but I want to retake it. What do I do?

You can register for the same course and receive credit for it. The new grade will not replace the old grade. 

I got a C in a course that requires a B or better. What do I do?

The plan of study (iPOS) will allow you to add a course with a C as long as your GPA’s (Cumulative, iPOS and Graduate GPA) are all above a 3.0. If you are required to have a B in the course for other reasons, then you can retake it and add the new grade to your iPOS.

How do W grades negatively impact my academic record?

A grade of "W" indicates that you withdrew from a course after the drop/add deadline for the semester. It does NOT impact your GPA. It does NOT count as an attempt at the course. It will NOT prevent you from being accepted into a program. If your advisor or admissions committee sees a trend of "W" grades, they may ask you about it, but it should not deter you from withdrawing from a class.  

A grade of "W" may impact your financial aid or scholarship funding for a future term if you are not making satisfactory progress towards your degree.  

You may consider a withdrawal if:

  • the course or instructor are not a good fit for your academic career plans
  • you are well into the class and recognize there is no way you will be able to successfully pass the course; withdrawing will allow you to preserve your GPA
  • you find a course or instructor that are a better fit and you need to swap into the new section after the drop/add deadline, and before the 21st day of the semester.
  • your personal or academic plans have changed and the course you are in no longer meets your needs.

If you experience a significant medical issue or a personal event which inhibits your ability to successfully pass your classes, contact your advisor to discuss options. You may be eligible for a Compassionate or Medical Withdrawal from the term.

How many credits are required to complete a PhD in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences?

All PhD’s require that you complete 84 credit hours. All PhD programs will include core courses, electives, colloquiums/seminars, research, and a dissertation. You can see more details on the course requirements by reviewing the PhD handbook:  SoMSS Handbook for Graduate Students in PhD Programs and finding your program.

How many credits are required to complete a Master’s in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences?

All Master’s degrees require that you complete 30 credit hours. All Master’s degrees will include core courses, electives, and a culminating experience: thesis, comprehensive exams, applied project or portfolio. You can see more details on the course requirements for each Master’s degree by visiting the Master’s handbooks:

How can I dispute my course grade or bring a concern about my class to the attention of the school?

If you have a concern about your course grade or how the course is being administered you should address your concerns directly with your instructor. If after doing so, you feel your concerns have not been resolved or adequately addressed, complete a Student Concern Form so that the school can address your situation and work to resolve any outstanding issues. Once the form is received it will be reviewed by the appropriate faculty-lead and you will be contacted for further discussion.

If you wish to bring a general concern to the school’s attention, but do not wish to be identified, you may submit the form anonymously, as well.

Plan of Study (iPOS

What is an iPOS?

An iPOS is your Interactive Plan of study that functions as an agreement between you, your academic unit, and the graduate college. Your iPOS allows you to plan out courses for your degree, select your program committee, record your degree milestones and submit petitions as needed. It also helps you set program objectives to define your goals in order to be successful.

The following video provides an overview of the iPOS and how it will support you as you navigate your degree requirements - click here.

How do I access my iPOS?

To access your IPOS, log onto MyASU and look for your My Programs box on the right hand side. Choose iPOS under the program and then select “Graduate Interactive Plan of Study.”

You will find instructions for submitting the iPOS in the How To Guides.