BS Actuarial Science

Actuaries are mathematicians who turn risk into reward by using numbers instead of crystal balls to evaluate the likelihood of future events. They design creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events and to mitigate the impact of any that may occur.

Do you have a passion for math but also love technology? This degree program combines math with new developments in science and technology, giving you foundational skills and tools to apply as you tackle some of today's most challenging problems in computation and information.

An estimated shortage of up to 190,000 data analysts in the U.S. is creating high demand for data scientists with the know-how to use data to make effective decisions. From predicting consumer behavior to extracting information from medical images, you will graduate ready for a dynamic career that inspires global change.

Do you have a passion for both math and language? The BA in math includes a foreign language, making it a great option if you are interested in travel and a global career. This degree prepares you for industries as diverse as finance, medical science, education, law and technology.


BS Mathematics

Did you know you can use math to change the world? Whether you want to manage the impacts of climate change or reduce the spread of disease, learn critical thinking skills that can be applied to almost any problem. This degree program prepares you for many top-rated jobs.

Flexibility is one of the great advantages of this program. You get all the options of a bachelor's degree in both mathematics and education, with choices that include attending graduate school for mathematics or mathematics education; seeking employment in business, finance, technology or other industries; and teaching high school mathematics.

Every time someone clicks on a link or Googles a phrase, info is being collected. But how many people truly know what to do with that data? You can. With the data analytics skills you learn in this program, you can be an asset to any enterprise.