Undergraduate Degrees


Actuarial Science, BS

Learn to examine risk through the lens of mathematics, and enjoy a career that enables you to devise creative solutions that minimize risk and maximize reward.

Do you have a passion for math and a desire to apply it to practical challenges? As you discover applications of mathematics through the use of computational technology, you'll gain skills to solve today's most complex problems.


Data Science, BS

The shortage of data analysts in the U.S. is growing. In this high-demand field, you'll be able to impact the world in areas such as predicting consumer behavior, detecting fraud, improving manufacturing processes and analyzing medical images. Data science has exciting applications to any industry.

Gain a strong foundation in mathematics and prepare for an exciting career as a global citizen.


Mathematics, BS

Attain an extensive education in mathematics and a background focused in science and technology. A combination of mathematical skills and a strong background in the sciences is in high demand for a wide variety of STEM fields.

Do you remember your first teacher who ignited your passion for math? After studying mathematics through the lens of an educator, you'll have the same opportunity to inspire others and open their eyes to the world of mathematics.

Gain the skills to become a successful statistician and apply statistical methods and models to solve practical problems. Learn how to gather, analyze and interpret data to aid in many decision-making processes.