Graduate Degrees


Actuarial Science, MS

Do you want to make the most of your talents in math and predictive analysis? Become an expert in finding ways to assess, calculate and manage risk, and participate in high-level business decision-making.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world of climate or environmental issues, or advancing the fight against cancer or infectious diseases? You can apply your enhanced mathematics expertise to devising solutions to these types of current problems.

Are you able to convey the mysteries of mathematics in such a way that complex equations become clearly understandable? When you learn how teachers teach and learners learn, and discover the most effective and innovative ways to teach mathematics, the next educator who inspires students to love learning math may be you.


Mathematics, MA

Prepare to be a successful professional mathematician in business, industry or education. You'll receive a breadth of training that will broaden your knowledge in several fields of mathematics.

Are you interested in understanding the true depth of knowledge in the intradisciplinary subfields within mathematics? Discover important connections between different areas of mathematics and their applications using studies in algebra, topology, geometry, probability, analysis and logic.

Graduate Certificate

Statistics and Data Science

Data science is developing as an element for success in business and scientific discovery. Glassdoor recently selected data scientist as the second best job in the U.S. based on earning potential, number of job openings and job satisfaction. With this statistics certificate, you can apply data science knowledge in nearly any industry.


Statistics, MS

Do you have the innate ability to examine patterns in data and interpret the stories being told? Learn how to use equations, predictive modeling and computation to analyze data and make it meaningful for use in business, science and technology.

Are you ready to put your mathematical mind to work using data analysis to solve problems for teams of engineers, scientists and other specialists? Learn the advanced nuances of mathematics and statistical analysis, and research how to apply these concepts in real-life models to build a better world through data.