Actuarial Science, MS

Do you want to make the most of your talents in math and predictive analysis? Become an expert in finding ways to assess, calculate and manage risk and participate in high-level business decision-making.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world of climate or environmental issues? Or advancing the fight against cancer or infectious diseases? This applied mathematics doctorate helps you apply your mathematics expertise in devising solutions to these types of real-world problems.

Demand for mathematicians is projected to grow 21% during the next 10 years. Whether you are interested in becoming a college professor, working in industry or government, or collaborating with top businesses around the globe, this degree provides you a solid foundation from which to pursue your mathematics career.


Mathematics, MA

If your career goal is to be a successful professional mathematician in business, industry or education, you'll want this degree. The program provides breadth of training and the opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge in several fields of mathematics.

Want to discover the most innovative and effective ways to teach mathematics? Want to find out how students actually learn math and how they approach tackling problems? The PhD in mathematics education at ASU encourages interdisciplinary research that helps you understand how teachers teach and how learners learn.


Statistics, MS

Demand for statisticians is projected to grow 34% during the next decade as use of statistical analysis to make informed business, health care and policy decisions becomes more widespread with the large increase in available data from the internet. Your master's degree in statistics will prepare you to tackle any area of analysis.

More and more data is generated from internet searches and the use of smartphones, causing projected demand for statisticians to increase 34% in the next 10 years. Learn to analyze this data and help businesses in retail, finance, insurance and other industries make better policy decisions.

Data science is developing as an element for success in business and scientific discovery. Glassdoor recently selected data scientist as the second best job in the U.S. based on earning potential, number of job openings and job satisfaction. With this statistics and data science certificate, you can apply data science knowledge in nearly any industry..