ODEs in R Intro Workshop by Dr. John Fricks

Math Bio Club

Dr. John Fricks of ASU will present how to implement & find key statistics of ODEs in R using basic biological examples. This skill will allow researchers to include more rigorous statistics (often used in industry/clinical settings). Examples will be shown, and the code will be sent out to those who would like it! Laptops are not required for the event.

When: Friday, April 7, 2023, at 1:30 pm
Where: Wexler A206

In addition, join us before the workshop for an engaging afternoon of sessions featuring our guest speakers, Drs. Candice Price and Miloš Savić. Start with lunch at noon, followed by the talk, "Can we make grace the norm in our classrooms?" based on her book, Radical Grace: Essays and Conversations in Teaching. Paperback copies of the book will be available for purchase, $15 each (cash or check only). After the talk, get your book signed by the authors, Drs.