Postponed - Math Bio Club Student Research Lightning Talks Fall 2022


Jordy Cevallos-Chavez
PhD Candidate
Arizona State University


Math Bio Club
Student Research Lightning Talks Fall 2022
Friday, November 18
1:30 PM

Currently looking for volunteers to present! Are you a Ph.D. candidate, Master's candidate, or Undergrad with a research project that you would like feedback on? Volunteer to present and get customized feedback from fellow students where feedback is based upon what you personally request. If interested email and describe your project.

We will be hosting talks will be 10-15 min followed by 10 min of discussion. This informal event will give members a chance to discuss current capabilities and challenges in math-bio research. To encourage a relaxed environment open for student discussion, we are making this a student-only event (sorry, faculty!) Speakers will get customized feedback based on what they hope to gain from presenting.  

Soft drinks will be served after and Math Bio Club stickers/pens will be available!