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The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is dedicated to providing quality instruction and conducting groundbreaking research in the mathematical and statistical sciences. We embrace the challenge of teaching mathematics to students with a wide variety of backgrounds, abilities and needs. Our renowned faculty members offer unparalleled training for careers in science, technology, medicine, law, business and many other professions. We’re always eager to share our expertise and serve the mathematical needs of ASU and beyond.  

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Our school is truly a vibrant community of intellectuals who are committed to solving some of the most intriguing theoretical and applied mathematical problems of our time. Whether you’re a student gaining an appreciation for mathematics, an alumnus starting your career in a rewarding field or a supporter of our school, we want to make sure you can stay connected and engaged with the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences community.  

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We’re located in Wexler Hall, the A-Wing of the Physical Sciences Center. The building was named in honor of Dr. Charles Wexler, the founding chairman of the Department of Mathematics in appreciation of his outstanding service to the university from 1930 to 1977. He was also the recipient of ASU’s Distinguished Teacher Award.