Our Professional Development Journey: One Career, Two Paths


After graduating from the ASU actuarial science program, Kinsey Turk and Ainsley Ramsey's careers diverged as they entered different insurance sectors. Together they will explore their unique trajectories, offering a comparative analysis of the steps they took and highlighting the differences in their professional experiences. This presentation will provide valuable insight for students looking to navigate their own career choices in the actuarial profession.

Ramsey earned her Master's degree in 2020 and bachelor's in 2019, both in actuarial science from ASU. Turk followed a year later, earning her actuarial science Master's in 2021, after completing her bachelor's in 2020, both from ASU.


Professional Development Seminar
Monday, November 6, 2023
4:30 pm
WXLR A206 and virtual via Zoom



Kinsey Turk
Actuarial Assistant

Ainsley Ramsey
Actuarial Consultant
Edrington Health Consulting (an HMA Company)

WXLR A206 and virtual via Zoom