Can we make grace the norm in our classrooms?


For much of our lives, we have been confused about the way that people perceived the relationship between students and instructors in the classroom, especially in mathematics. There is such an adversarial relationship that even sharing my career choice with strangers leads to groans and stories of trauma. We believe this is what happens in a classroom without grace. So, when we add grace the opposite should happen, right? During our time together, we hope to discuss with you how we incorporate grace into our classrooms and why many people think it is radical. We invite everyone to come and reflect on ways they can make grace the norm in their classrooms and spaces.


Join us for an engaging afternoon of sessions co-hosted by the SoMSS DEIB Committee, AWM at ASU and Math Bio Club, featuring our guest speaker, Dr. Candice Price.
We kick things off with a casual lunch at noon, followed by her talk, "Can we make grace the norm in our classrooms?" based on her book, Radical Grace: Essays and Conversations in Teaching. Paperback copies of the book will be available for purchase, $15 each (cash or check only). After the talk, get your book signed by the authors, Drs. Candice Price and Miloš Savić. The final session will be a Research Collaboration Workshop for students and postdocs.


12:00pm  LUNCH with Drs. Candice Price and Miloš Savić
12:45pm. TALK "Can we make grace the norm in our classrooms?"
01:45pm. BOOK SIGNING (books available for purchase $15 each (cash or check only)
02:30pm  RESEARCH COLLABORATION WORKSHOP (for students and post docs)

This engaging, interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Candice Price and Marina Mancuso will provide opportunities to enhance communication in research collaboration settings. Activities are centered around building trust among team members, improving collaboration skills, and navigating challenging interpersonal situations. This event is open to all students and postdocs.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Hosted by the SoMSS DEIB CommitteeAWM Student Chapter and Math Bio Club.


Candice Price
Associate Professor
Smith College
Co-author of book: 
Radical Grace: Essays and Conversations in Teaching