How Diseases are Making Us Rethink Our Modeling Approaches Used to Study Them


The health sciences continue to advance at a fast pace due to the ability to generate huge amounts of data.  However, the science of understanding how certain diseases work is not as advanced as the data we have accumulated.  This was easily seen in the model predications of Covid-19 and it’s spread.  In addition, recent work using statistics and calculus are finally transforming how we understand the development of Diabetes and subsequent treatment of the patient.  I will discuss these two modeling examples as well as introduce some research areas where it may be time to reconsider how our modeling approaches are utilized.


Math Bio Seminar
November 4, 2022
12 PM - 1 PM, Arizona time

WXLR A309 and Virtual via Zoom
Those joining remotely can use the link: 


Patrick Nelson
Associate Dean for Research

Chair of Math and Computer Science

Lawrence Technological University

WXLR A309 and Virtual via Zoom