The Tracial Rokhlin Property for Compact Group Actions


The Rokhlin property and the tracial Rokhlin property for actions of finite groups are now well known and have been studied systematically. The Rokhlin property for actions of compact groups has also been studied systematically. We define and investigate systematically and in-depth the tracial Rokhlin property for action of second countable compact groups on simple unital C*-algebras. Our property, allows us to prove permanence properties and expected theorems, is an exact generalization of the tracial Rokhlin property for actions of finite groups on classifiable C*-algebras (in the sense of the Elliott program), and admits examples.

This is joint work with N. Christopher Phillips.


ASUERAU C*-Seminar
Oct. 12, 2022
Virtual via Zoom
1:30-2:45pm MST/AZ

Our C*-Seminar will again be on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:45 pm (Arizona time, no daylight savings), meeting both in person (WXLR A307) and via zoom.

Also new: it's now the ASUERAU C*-Seminar (so, joint with our friends Lara and Mitch at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University up the road in Prescott).

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Javad Mohammadkarimi
PhD Student
Tarbiat Modares University

Virtual via Zoom