Teaching and Learning of Logic in Mathematical Contexts


Mathematical logic is crucial in conveying mathematical ideas and generating mathematical arguments. Thus, fostering students to develop and use logical thinking has been a central goal in mathematics education. Accordingly, mathematics education researchers have been interested in students’ reasoning about logic and their use of logical principles in mathematical activities. In this presentation, I will discuss undergraduate students’ learning of logic in mathematical contexts. Specifically, I will share results from empirical studies my research teams have explored regarding undergraduate students’ reasoning about logic in various mathematical contexts across calculus, geometry, and number theory. I will also address challenges in designing instructional interventions to facilitate students’ learning of logical principles and to promote their capacity to self-monitor and organize their claims to have no logical contradiction throughout proof-oriented mathematics courses.


Math Education Seminar
October 21
4:00 pm.
ECA 385 

For those that cannot attend in person, join via Zoom:
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Kyeong Hah Roh
Associate Professor
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Arizona State University

ECA 385 (new location)