The Secret Algebraic Lives of Graphs


This will be a talk about graphs, i.e., finite simple graphs (networks with finitely many nodes and no loops or multi-edges). I will discuss how one can use algebra to understand certain aspects of these objects (e.g., aspects of graph domination problems), and how one can use graphs to understand certain esoteric algebraic concepts like the Cohen-Macaulay property. This talk will be accessible to a broad audience including beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduate math majors. In particular, I will not assume that audience members are familiar with these esoteric algebraic concepts.

Download pdf flyer.


Thursday, November 17
4:30pm MST/AZ
WXLR 21 (Lower level) and via Zoom:
Password: 742242

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Keri Sather-Wagstaff 
Professor of Mathematics
Clemson University
Program Officer
Division of Human Resource Development
Directorate for Education and Human Resources
National Science Foundation

WXLR 021 (lower level) and via Zoom