Extremal Problems in Discrete Geometry


What is the smallest total width of a collection of strips that cover a disk in the plane? How many lines through the origin pairwise separated by the same angle can be placed in 3-dimensional space? What about higher-dimensions? These extremal problems in Discrete Geometry look deceitfully simple, yet some of them remain unsolved for an extended period or have been partly solved only recently following great efforts. In this talk, I will discuss two longstanding problems: Fejes Tóth’s zone conjecture and a problem on equiangular lines with a fixed angle.


Bridge to Research Seminar
Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:30am MST/AZ
WXLR 546
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Geared to graduate students in their early years, the Bridge to Research Seminar provides an overview of different research topics presented by faculty in our school.


Zilin Jiang
Assistant Professor
Arizona State University

WXLR 546