Spectral bounds for chromatic number of quantum graphs


Abstract: Quantum graphs are an operator space generalization of classical graphs that have appeared in different branches of mathematics including operator systems theory, non-commutative topology and quantum information theory. In this talk, I will review the different perspectives to quantum graphs and discuss a quantum chromatic number for quantum graphs using a combinatorial approach. I will then show that many spectral lower bounds for chromatic numbers in the classical case (such as Hoffman's bound) also hold in the setting of quantum graphs. This is achieved using an algebraic formulation of quantum graph coloring and tools from operator algebra.


Our C*-Seminar will still (as it was last year) be on Wednesdays, but the time will now be a bit different: 1:30-2:45 pm (Arizona time, no daylight savings), meeting both in person (WXLR A309) and via zoom.

Also new: it's now the ASUERAU C*-Seminar (so, joint with our friends Lara and Mitch at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University up the road in Prescott).

(Please email the organizer John Quigg quigg@asu.edu to be put on the email list if you would like to receive the link to the zoom seminar.)


Priyanga Ganesan
Doctoral Student
Texas A&M 

WXLR A309 and virtual via Zoom