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Travel Info for School of Math and Stats

NOTE: Dean’s approval for all international travel will be requested and obtained through Beth Fiacco (for faculty/staff) and through the global education office (for students). Please do not email the Dean’s office directly for this approval.

Information to assist you in submitting travel

As a first-time traveler, you will need to update your profile in Concur (ASU travel system). Go to the ASU Traveler Resources page, scroll down towards the bottom to My ASU TRIP | Getting started, and then follow the steps in the Students section.

Faculty and graduate students using faculty funding (grants, startup, IIA) OR SoMSS funding (NOT graduate student travel awards): follow these steps for all travel requests. All requests will be routing to Risk Management for final approval. Booking should not begin until the request is fully approved in Concur.

  1. Obtain Travel Approval from our school director, Donatella Danielli at least two weeks in advance of travel, by emailing the following information in the following format, to Beth Fiacco (until a new Assistant to the Director is in place).
    • name of Traveler
    • traveler title/classification
    • destination of travel to/from
    • dates of travel
    • who will be covering your classes
    • what funding will be used, including Workday account number, and amount you plan to spend (including a breakdown of expenses - flight, hotel, taxi, per diem, etc.).
    • Faculty must use grant funding, IIA accounts or start-up funds before any SOMSS funds can be used.
    • Grad students using advisor’s funds – please also submit an email from your advisor with written approval of the amount you are requesting.
    • detailed justification (regardless of funding source, including trips in which SOMSS/ASU has no financial responsibility).  Justification templates are provided for your convenience.
    • List Safety Protocols to be followed.
    • Acknowledgement that all travel must be booked in Concur after approvals are given and request has been submitted in Concur (includes airfare and hotel) – if not the case, what are you requesting an exception for (could be airB&B or hotels with special rates that must be booked outside of Concur booking tool).
  2. For international travel, Beth will request approval from the Dean.

  3. Once you receive email notification from Beth that your travel request has been approved, go to Concur and build your trip request. Attach Beth's approval email into your trip request for processing and add Beth Fiacco as the Cost Center or Grant Manager.

  4. All travel must be approved by SoMSS and approved in Concur before booking AND before travel begins. Travel without prior approval will not be reimbursed.

  5. ALL airfare, lodging, rental cars and other business travel arrangements must be booked through Concur or it is considered personal. Faculty may use a personal credit card to pay for airfare even if booked through Concur by adding it to their profile (but must book through Concur or it is considered personal)
    EXCEPTION: Conference hotels are granted an automatic exception for booking in Concur as long as the reservation confirmation is forwarded to ASU Travel Office (myasutrip@asu.edu) prior to travel. The reservation must contain the dates of travel, the name of the hotel and the address of the hotel.  When forwarding the reservation to ASU Travel Office, state that it is a conference hotel.

  6. When paying for registration in Concur, use a personal credit card and not an ASU travel credit card. This applies to registration only. If you wish to avoid personal credit card expenses, you may request that the business office to register you for the conference, using our school pcard. In this case, email your travel approval email from Melanie to Erin Stephens, and request that the business office does the registration. In this email, provide your login information (if applicable), and any further details asked in the registration process – especially if submitting a paper or giving a talk. This usually requires more details.

  7. ASU will not reimburse travel expenses incurred without the required pre-authorization and booking process. Expenses paid directly by the university through a PCard, ASU Travel Card or ASU Airfare card will be considered personal expenses without the required pre-authorization and booking process.

  8. If you will be driving a personal vehicle instead of flying, you must upload a comparison flight quote taken 21 days in advance. ASU will reimburse for the lesser amount (comparison flight + $50 OR actual mileage).
  9. When booking hotels, you must stay at a conference hotel (regardless of nightly rate) or another hotel/Airbnb that does not exceed the nightly allowable rate for the U.S. city or International city in which you are staying.

For domestic travel

Prior to travel – review both the Detailed Travel Guidance document and the ASU Travel instructions/training in order to create your trip request.

  • as you build your trip request (prior to travel), be sure to include your best estimate of ALL trip expenses. The estimated expenses you enter should include all categories for which you have received budget approval. The goal is for your estimated expenses (prior to travel) to match up with your actual expenses (after travel) as closely as possible.
  • upload a conference brochure into your trip request
  • upload proof of conference hotel from conference website (if applicable)
  • upload approval email from Melanie Smock
  • add Beth Fiacco (search as "Fiacco, Beth") as Cost Center Manager or Grant Manager (whichever applies). 
  • After return from travel - expense reports will be started by ASU Travel Office. Traveler responsibilities for expense reports are found in the Detailed Travel Guidance document.

Further information for completing your part of the expense report can be found at ASU travel instructions/training for creating your expense report

  • upload all receipts (this is a paperless system) into your expense report
    (airfare receipt should show full itinerary details including dates and times of flights, destinations and payment)
  • upload conference brochure (again) into your expense report
  • add Beth Fiacco (search as "Fiacco, Beth") as Cost Center Manager or Grant Manager (whichever applies).

If you have a unique situation with previous credits and are unable to book directly through Concur, please contact ASU Travel Office to be sure it can be processed.

For foreign travel

Follow the instructions for domestic travel above

In addition, if using funding from a federally funded grant, you must comply with the Fly America Act, using a U.S. flagship carrier departing from and entering into the U.S. If using a non-U.S. carrier, review the Exceptions to the Fly America Act and submit a "Certification of Exception to Fly America Act"

Find more requirements for Externally Funded Research Travel.

Request all receipts in English, if possible.  Otherwise, explain charges in English before uploading into your expense report.

All students travelling internationally (as well as faculty sponsors of international student group travel) must register at https://goglobal.asu.edu/content/register-travel. Please note there is a $3 daily fee for all students (and faculty sponsors of international group travel involving students). For more information on this requirement, please view the FAQs at the link above.

For faculty funding student travel

When students are traveling on funding from faculty accounts, the students must follow the same procedures as faculty – starting with emailing school director Donatella Danielli's' assistant, Melanie Smock, for approval.

Students should be mentored by their advisors in the travel procedures and requirements above (prior approval, proper justification, grant account number, etc.)

For graduate students requesting school travel awards

Find detailed information on how to apply for School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (SoMSS) graduate student travel awards.


TRIPS (Travel of Research Investigators to Potential Sponsors: TRIPS provides funding for faculty to meet with potential sponsors of funding agencies. Faculty who have a proposed project or program of substantial nature, preferably multi-year, may apply for one TRIPS per fiscal year. For more information, visit https://funding.asu.edu/sites/default/files/OKED%20TRIPS%20Form%20062818v2.pdf.

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