Master's Portfolio Projects

YearCourseDegreeStudent NameProject TitleInstructor
Fall 2019STP 540MS StatisticsJuyoung Choi

EM Algorithm and Gibbs Sampler on latent variable model

Rob McCulloch
Fall 2019STP 598MS StatisticsJuyoung Choi

Machine Learning Final Project

Rob McCulloch
Spring 2020STP 598MS StatisticsJuyoung Choi

Comparison of Definitive Screening Designs and Standard Screening Designs

Ming-Hung Kao
Fall 2019APM 503MA MathematicsMason Manning

Inner Products

Horst Thieme
Spring 2020APM 504MA MathematicsMason Manning

APM 504 Project

Nicolas Lanchier
Fall 2019APM 505MA MathematicsMason Manning

APM 505 Project

Malena Espanol
Fall 2019STP 540MS StatisticsBenjamin Muhlmann

Mixture Distributions Using EM and Gibbs Sampling Algorithms

Robert McCulloch
Spring 2019STP 598MS StatisticsBenjamin Muhlmann


Robert McCulloch
Fall 2019APM 501MA MathematicsLee ReevesFabio Milner
Spring 2020APM 502MA MathematicsLee ReevesHal Smith
Fall 2019APM 503MA MathematicsLee ReevesHorst Thieme
Fall 2019APM 505MA MathematicsLee ReevesMalena Espanol
Fall 2019APM 501MA MathematicsBrian SweeneyFabio Milner
Spring 2020APM 502MA MathematicsBrian SweeneyHal Smith
Fall 2019APM 503MA MathematicsBrian SweeneyHorst Thieme
Spring 2020APM 504MA MathematicsBrian SweeneyNicolas Lanchier

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