ASU Open Door

Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Wexler Hall


What happens every day at the most innovative university in the nation? This is your chance to experience Arizona State University first hand! ASU opens its doors during ASU Open Door and children of all ages can let their imagination run wild.

Every year ASU invites the local community to visit campus, allowing visitors to explore the innovative spaces accessible only to ASU students. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of interactive activities and talk to students, faculty and staff. Thrill seekers, lifelong learners, science gurus, art enthusiasts and adventure seekers can explore laboratories, living collections, museums and classrooms and participate in hands-on activities.

As a signature event of the Arizona SciTech Festival, ASU invites you and your family to discover all things science, technology, engineering, arts and math. ASU Open Door celebrates that kids today are smart, tech savvy, and more involved in their own educational experiences than ever before!

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences will be featuring these activities in Charles Wexler Hall and the adjacent palm courtyard area.

Games of Chance - Luck or Skill?

WXLR 116
Ever wonder why some people win and others lose when playing games of chance? Is it skill, or just plain luck? Which offers better odds, roulette or blackjack? Can mathematical strategies improve your odds? Stop by and learn about the math behind the games. Roulette and blackjack games are reserved for ages 16 and up. Bingo is for all ages. Winners entered into prize drawings every half hour.
A Picture Worth 100,000 Dots

WXLR 118
Have your photo taken and transformed into a unique piece of TSP art. Known as Traveling Salesman Problem art, TSP art uses math to convert an image into 100,000 dots and then draws a single line to connect all the dots. If you drew it by hand, you would use one single stroke without lifting your pencil. The classic Traveling Salesman Problem is this — given a list of cities you want to visit, what’s the shortest possible distance to visit all of them and return to your starting point? Math helps us figure the best route. Take home a printout of your own custom TSP art. Stop by and meet professor Hans Mittelmann, who researches optimization problems in a computational way.
Fractals, Polyhedrons and Tetrahedrons — Oh, My!

WXLR 118
Geometric sculptures, fractal art, and hands-on activities all demonstrate that math is a living, creative, joyful subject – and that math is cool! Use colorful gumdrops and toothpicks to construct your own tetrahedron. Connect paper plates to create a decorative polyhedron. Or color some squares and watch as our giant color-by-number style fractal comes to life. Math fun for all ages.
Can the Math Swami Read Your Mind?

Palm courtyard in front of Wexler Tower
 Our world-famous Math Swami is a master of minds, lord of logarithms, prince of primes. And he can read your mind. That’s right, Math Swami can accurately guess the number you are thinking of. Come by and see if you can outwit his predictive powers. You might need to bring your own crystal ball.

Free and open to the public


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