Matthew Hassett


Matt Hassett earned a doctorate in recursive function theory from Rutgers University in 1966, and began teaching at Arizona State University in the fall semester of that year. He has published papers in recursive function theory, mathematics education, population genetics, finance and actuarial science.

Hassett also has extensive industry experience. He was a bond structuring consultant for mortgage-backed securities in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he became an actuary and began teaching actuarial science at ASU. He later worked as a health actuary. He has coauthored textbooks in introductory statistics and probability for risk management, and three study guides for actuarial exams. His current special interests are derivative securities and actuarial analysis of senior communities. His teaching awards include the Wexler Award of the Mathematics Department and the Dean’s Quality Teaching Award of the College of Liberal Arts.


Ph.D. Recursive Function Theory, Rutgers University 1966


Summer 2021
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ACT 593 Applied Project
Spring 2018
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ACT 430 Math of Financial Derivatives
Fall 2017
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ACT 310 Mathematics of Finance
Spring 2017
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ACT 430 Math of Financial Derivatives

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