RTG Student presentations

Monday, November 23, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Online via Zoom


Zoom meeting room link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/6871076660

Presentation #1
Speaker – Henrique Cheng, ASU SoMSS 
Title: Constructing a Disease State Variable for ALS

Abstract: This work is motivated by a data set containing measurements of different elements of about 25 ALS patients’ cognitive and motor capacities over the course of about a year. What we want to do is take the features in this data set, which have various sources of variability and aren’t perfectly correlated with the progression of ALS for any of the patients, and project them onto one latent variable that can arguably be interpreted as the “disease state” of the patient.  When this “disease state” variable is plotted over time, it can *hopefully* give us an idea of how a patient is progressing with ALS.  In collaboration with Richard Hahn, I have so far tried out two models for this – a  very standard factor model and an iterative regression procedure on which I’m currently tying up the loose ends. In this presentation, I plan on discussing the nature of the data set and the exploratory analysis and also the statistical models and output.


Presentation #2
Speaker – Nicholas Chmielewski, ASU SoMSS 
Title - Function Approximation and Quick QR Codes: A tale of optimal sampling

Abstract - Have you ever wondered how good your approximation is? Maybe you have asked yourself, “Are these the best approximation points?” I will answer these questions by showing you how to measure the quality of your points for your approximation, how to find near-optimal interpolation points, and then how to find them faster!


Note: These presentations will be via Zoom. There will be no physical meetings of the RTG seminar this semester.


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