C*-algebras of some submonoids of 2-generator Artin braid groups

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 2:00pm


Given a permutation f of a set S, one can define a monoid by the presentation: < S | a f(a) = b f(b), for a, b in S >. It turns out that this semigroup is left cancellative, and hence there is well-oiled machinery for producing C*-algebras from it. In fact, this monoid is closely related to 2-generator Artin monoids (especially in the case that S is a single orbit of f). I will describe the several monoids involved, and also the C*-algebra(s) (in terms of groupoids) along with some details of their structure. This is (still) work in progress, joint with Tron Omland, David Pask, Adam Sorensen.


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