What is Math Grad School?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm


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What is Math Grad School?
Wednesday, October 20
Registration is requested

Have you ever wondered what graduate school is all about? What graduate school even is? And why you would want to consider going to grad school for mathematics or statistics? Then this meeting is for you! 

This event is targeted for undergraduate students, where they can chat in small groups with math grad students from all four PhD programs (applied math, theoretical math, math education, statistics) as well as Master's in actuarial science.

Our math and statistics student clubs are joining forces to host this special event where undergraduate students can sit down with current graduate students who will answer your questions about graduate school. Join us for this interactive and lively discussion led by current graduate students in the mathematical and statistical sciences who will not hold back and will tell you how things really are in grad school.

We will be serving free food from Cafe Zupas and people will be able to eat outside on the breezeway (while socially distancing!). Come and hang out with us, and learn something new about graduate school. Per ASU’s policy, face coverings will be required for this event which will take place indoors and within classroom settings.

This event is hosted by:
AWM @ ASU (The Association for Women in Math at Arizona State University)
Math Club @ ASU
Graduate Statistics Club
SIAM @ ASU (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
GIS @ ASU (Gamma Iota Sigma Kappa Chapter)
MORE (Mathematical Organization for Rehumanizing Education)


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