AWM Luncheon: Gender Differences in Math & Math-related Career Choices

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Jodi Mead
Department of Mathematics
Boise State University


This will be an informal discussion of Jodi Mead’s experiences, aiming to open up topics that explore positive and negative influences on women in math, including why math-related fields are desirable, and what it means to be a successful mathematician.

Jodi Mead received her PhD in Computational Mathematics from Arizona State under the direction of Rosemary Renaut. Upon graduation, she held a postdoc in the College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State under the direction of Andrew Bennett. She is a professor in the mathematics department at Boise State, and currently a co-Director for the PhD in Computing. Professor Mead has lead multiple NSF funded projects, involving data assimilation and inverse methods applied to geoscience fields ranging from oceanography, atmospheric sciences, hydrology, and geophysics.


There will be time for conversations and getting to know each other. Be a part of this ASU math community that supports and inspires girls and young women who love math. Men are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Seating is limited and requires RSVP.

This luncheon is hosted by AWM @ ASU (The Association for Women in Math at Arizona State University) and includes a complimentary lunch.

RSVP required using ASUrite ID.

Free but online registration is required