Cryptology (Certificate)

The certificate program in cryptology is designed to provide a strong foundation in the mathematical topics that are most applicable to modem cryptosystems. It also provides specialized knowledge required to understand and work in the field of mathematical cryptology.

Degree Offered

Cryptology (Certificate)
Liberal Arts & Sciences, The College of


Major Map

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Application Requirements

This program has additional admission requirements. Applicants should be in good academic standing with "B" or better in MAT 300 Mathematical Structures (3) or equivalent.

Admission Requirements

This certificate requires 18 credit hours.

Required courses:

MAT 440 Group Theory (3)*
MAT 445 Theory of Numbers (3)
MAT 447 Cryptography I (3)
MAT 448 Cryptography II (3)

*may substitute MAT 444 Intermediate Abstract Algebra (3) for MAT 440

Electives (select two from the following list):**

MAT 415 Introduction to Combinatorics (3)
MAT 416 Introduction to Graph Theory (3)
MAT 441 Ring Theory (3)
STP 421 Probability (3)
STP 427 Mathematical Statistics (3)

** may substitute three credit hours of approved cryptology-related internship experience (MAT 484) for one elective

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.

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